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Butterflies in our house

  We love butterflies in this house! They remind me of pretty thing that make life more pleasant: green meadows, quiet afternoons, blue skies, and dancing clouds. So we decided to take a closer look at their awesome metamorphosis. For this project, I bought a netted butterfly habitat and mail […]

Talking about the heart with small kids

Recently I had a whimsical conversation with my oldest son about his sister’s heart condition. Out of the blue, Elliot my six-year-old son asked, “What’s that line on her body?,” referring to the vertical scar on the center of Ellis’ chest, his 4 year old sister. This was the first […]

Why I started this blog

I wanted to start a blog for almost 6 years. Whenever I got the nerve to begin, some life event occurred and it had to be delayed. Momentum would be lost and I had to talk myself into starting again. Yes, this took all those years. Underneath those life distractions […]