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This setback may be an opportunity to slow down

Waiting is tough. On Monday I was a hot mess. Being told that Ellis’ surgery is postponed made me feel like I just received a poor job performance report. We were so close to making it to the scheduled date; the closeness of the date made it harder to accept.

Instead of August 25th, her new date is September 25th. We gained a month.

In our minds the August date became untouchable. All our plans, present and future, hinged on Ellis having a successful surgery and recovering well. We assumed that mid to late September is when we could start having a life and be less consumed with worry about Ellis catching a cold, losing weight from that cold, or getting very sick from it.

With a few days to think calmly, I’ve come to realize that this extra month may be a godsend. Chris and I were starting to show signs of physical tear and wear from squeezing in too many activities and work, him at his job and mine at home, before Ellis’ big day. At this rate, we would run out of steam midway into the recovery process.

We decided to see this setback as an opportunity to slow down and revive ourselves before the September date. What’s another few weeks of waiting? It sucks that we need to live like hermits again, but I’m grateful that Ellis will have ample time to recover from her cold.

Changing perspective has done wonders for our well being, happiness, and faith. As believers, we are learning to trust, albeit reluctant at first, that God’s timing and plans are perfect. He’s proved himself over and over again in the past, and I’ve been amazed at how he orchestrates events – down to the details. I need to trust him with this one too and learn how to wait patiently while he works.



A pretty budding flower in downtown Los Gatos









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  1. It’s hard to come to terms with change, especially when we’ve structured our lives around a certain thing happening. Keeping all of you in my prayers. You’re doing an amazing job, Mama!


  2. I’m trying as hard as I can to stay optimistic and flexible! We’ve been so keen on making the date that everything revolved around that. Learning to go with the flow.
    Thanks for the encouragement!


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