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In recovery phase now

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our appreciation and gratefulness for all your prayers,  check ins, support, texts,  treats for our kids,  encouragement,  refreshments, and conversation!! We are overwhelmed and humbled by all the love that’s been showered upon us. I wish I could’ve updated sooner to let […]

I got this…I think

Tomorrow Ellis gets admitted into the hospital. We needed to have another difficult conversation. Alison, the Child Life Specialist at the hospital, coached me on how to delicately facilitate this conversation. In late July, she had a heart catheterization. That procedure was described to Ellis as a “heart test.” That […]

Update on Ellis for September 25th

September 25th is soon approaching. Ellis will have her third open heart surgery that day. This will be the last part of the three staged reconstruction surgery for children with HLHS: a condition where the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped or non-functioning. These surgeries usually take place […]

Mommy, you smell like grandma

The other day Elliot surprised me with a hug while I was sorting laundry. He closed his eyes, gave me a tight squeeze and said lovingly, “Mommy, you smell like Cranky hal-mon-ee (grandma in Korean). A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law surprised them with a crane named Cranky for […]