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A look at summer flowers from Knoxville, Tennessee

Wildflowers are wild, spontaneous, and beautiful. Just the fact that they grow and bloom in unlikely places make them extraordinary. In fact, I love flowers of any kind although I’m still learning their names. According to, there are 588 wildflower species in the United States alone. That’s a lot of flowers to love!

Since I started this blog about 3 months ago, I’ve wanted to capture frame worthy pictures of wildflowers that showed its nuanced beauty. However, my attempts have been just that – attempts.

The pictures came out blurred or photo bombed; other times I’d see colorful wildflowers blooming on the side of the freeway, but I couldn’t possibly get to it without jeopardizing safety.

So when my friend posted nostalgic and vintage-like photos from Knoxville, Tennessee on Facebook, I asked if she would be willing to share them on my blog. I am so glad she agreed, because I think you’ll admire their prettiness too!

These pictures come from Tressa, my Social Worker friend who is currently helping foster children find permanent homes. These pictures remind me of her kind, spontaneous, joyful, and bright spirit! She has an amazing heart to help others, a great smile to make your day, and a contagious love for life, God, and music.Β I love how she takes time out of her busy day to notice flowers and to admire their beauty.

I hope you enjoy her snapshots of nature!



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