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Merry Christmas! 

Thank you everyone for journeying with me since I started this blog in June of 2017. I’m thrilled when you visit and share your thoughts and comments with me. I’m looking forward to the new year and sharing more of my writings with you. December is almost over, but there’s […]

Baking for the holidays

Baking is a mystery to me. I have friends who can bake moist, fluffy, delicious, too-pretty-to-eat desserts. Mine, on the other hand, emerge from the oven misshaped, too hard, lumpy, or burnt. I’ve been told that baking successfully requires meticulous measurements of ingredients and following directions closely. Those requirements kill […]

Last bit of autumn in December

  I’m a leaf hog. I admire leaves of every kind, shape, and texture. So autumn is that wonderful season for me: a sweet transition phase from the blazing summer heat to the cold wintry weather.  One thing I could watch for hours is leaves falling off branches. How do […]