How I entertain the kids


One-word prompt/ January 14, 18

Most days I entertain my kids pretty well. It requires letting go of my introvert nature, getting into the silly mode, and playing. A sure fire way to make them burst into laughter is making ridiculous sound effects while talking about bodily functions, like fart or poop.

Sometimes when I’m on a roll I realize that it’s easy to entertain and have fun. The hardest part is its longevity: kids expect you to do it over and over again. Pretending to be a chick hatching out of a chicken egg or acting like a baby sloth gets dull after the tenth time or so. Although playing comes easily for kids, I find it hard to do.

You never know what will entertain the kids: it could be the box the toy came packaged in or discovering lost toys under the couch. Kids naturally find things to do on their own, but I put an immense amount of pressure on myself to entertain them in ways that promote learning. But it makes me wonder: Why do I burden myself with this drive to constantly entertain?; What about spontaneity?; Can we get entertainment fatigue?; What does it mean to entertain, for the entertainer or for the entertained?

Definitely more questions than answers.