Tendency to misplace items and mistake time

pexels-photo-753290via Daily Prompt: Tend

I tend to do a lot of things that would be better avoided. One of them is misplacing everyday things. However, the good news is that they are not lost permanently, just misplaced temporarily. Chris kindly comments, out of exasperation, that I would save time if things had a designated spot and if I put them back in its place after use.

I wholeheartedly agree that that’s a great solution but executing that on a consistent basis is another story. One positive light is that during my searches I randomly find things that I misplaced in the past. It’s like a treasure hunt that my kids love to do too. Don’t get me started about finding toys under the couch and shifting all the furniture around together – makes for an achy body but dust-free floors.

Another thing I tend to do is show up too early or miss an event altogether because of some misunderstanding with time. An example of the latter was evident yesterday when we showed up to Ellis’ first dance class one and a half hours early. She frowned at me saying, “Mommy! Not again!”

I tend to do a lot of things, like misplace items or mistake time for too soon or too late. It makes me me, slightly flawed and kooky. I’m okay with not having it all perfectly together but those I’m living with may disagree.