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Writing in micro steps

via Daily Prompt: Micro I’d be lost without micro steps. If I have too large a writing goal looming, I quickly despair and frantically search for ways to procrastinate. The task at hand seems too large. This is when I wish for superhero powers to bolt through the pages with […]

I see spring coming

Everyday Ellis asks me if it’s spring already. She’s tired of winter (except for Christmas) and can’t wait to wear short sleeves without me nagging her about a jacket. The arrival of spring will be a sweet relief from the cold winter months. My mind associates this coming season with […]

Wonder at seeing a rainbow

via Daily Prompt: Wonder Kids wonder all the time. To see and hear the output of their wondering is magical stuff. I often find that I take a lot of things for granted: seen that before, done that too, nothing new. However, In California, rain is very rare; it’s highly […]