Study in Light: Lack of light for making silhouettes

Nothing beats a good sunny day for taking pretty pictures. But when I saw this water fountain in Balboa Park, San Diego on an evening walk with the family, I could not NOT pass by without taking a silhouette picture. It felt silly to jump up there and pose dramatically with the kids, but I chalked it to a typical tourist activity.

The picture shown below was our second picture attempt: on the first night, the light from the fountain made my glasses too conspicuous, disrupting the shadow effect. It’s just a photo, but I wanted to take one good shot: the background had so much potential. So, as any photo maniac will do I dragged my family to the same place the following evening. It was worth the effort and the fresh evening breeze was perfectly delightful to enjoy the historical architecture, live music, lights, and lush nature around us!



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