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Photo Challenge: Opening Hope renewed through a hospital window

Windows offer glimpses of new openings, views, paths, and the potential experiences within each place. The breeze it carries in and/or the sunlight it penetrates refresh and renews what is stale. That’s how I feel about an expansive, tall window located in the main hall of the Stanford hospital.

When I wander down this hall, I’m usually in a panicked, exhausted state as Ellis is undergoing and/or recovering from a medical procedure. Although my body is present and walking purposefully to that coffee stand in the cafe for that extra shot of espresso in my iced-coffee, my mind is stuck in a war zone.

Soaking in the warm sunshine together during recovery

But this window makes me literally pause in my steps and in my mind. I look around to see people’s faces, wonder what brings them here, what we all hope for, as well as thank God for all the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff. I’m reminded of how much God has and continues to bless me through these experiences (even through all of my kicking and screaming).


Calmness found through this opening: Main hallway at Stanford Hospital


Inspiring poem displayed along walkway

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    1. Thank you for your lovely and encouraging words!! Feeling humbled and grateful. When I took those pictures last fall, it felt silly to do that in the midst of Ellis’ recovery. Looking back however, these pictures remind me of that season of life.
      As always, it’s a treat to hear from you. Hugs!!

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  1. I truly believe God sends us moments of beauty as we go through our hardest trials so that we remember His love and care for us. Beautiful images and words. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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    1. I agree!! God reminds us of his faithfulness and presence through the beauty around us, and I’m so thankful for that.
      Thank you for your lovely comment and for offering this challenge!! Totally enjoy being a part of these challenges.

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