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Where do missing socks go, and what do you do with the missing ones?

Can someone tell me how socks get lost once they enter the abyss of the washing machine? 

I save a bundle of lone socks that have lost its pair. Sometimes I find one in a stack of folded clothes or hidden inside the corner of mattress sheets. The other day I found a lost pair in the garage.

I should throw them away because the bundle is getting too dusty and unorganized; there’s a bundle for kids and a bundle for the grown ups. I keep hoping that one day I’ll reuse them as a glove duster or sock dolls. I don’t even know what is a responsible way to dispose of them. But when I want to reuse it for another purpose, I can’t find the sock bundle. It’s a frustrating cycle of losing and finding things. 

Where do they go? Sometimes it’s impossible to find the matching pair. But in the winter it doesn’t matter much when you’re wearing boots. You can get rebellious and wear two different kinds of socks. It’s a win-win situation: environmentally friendly and useful. 


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  1. Since you children are small you can make sock puppets out of them or use them somehow in arts and crafts. I currently have a sack full of mismatched myself that eventually I will throw in the good will box.

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    1. Sock puppets! That’s a great idea. I just thought about sock dolls and I’m not very good at sewing, so it’s been a future project. They’ll probably be all grown up by the time I’m able to sew something useful.
      Thanks for the idea! I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one with mismatched socks. It’s a common household problem?!

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  2. You should check if they fall in between the cracks or in the pipes of the laundry machine! I’ve found a handful once, but by then they were gross.

    This totally popped into my head, but you can make heat balls(?). You can stuff them with rice, sew them shut, and voila! mini microwaveable heating pads. I actually don’t know if socks are microwave-friendly.

    Or just wear mismatched socks! Socks are socks and as long as they do their job, then it’s okay.

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    1. So that’s one of their hiding places!!! I should, but I’m not missing them that much. 😉 Oh the cleaning that needs to be done makes me tired just thinking about it. Plus, the darn thing is so heavy to move. lol. so many excuses.
      I like your creative idea! That’s one way to reuse them. Or turn them into bean socks to play catch with the kids. maybe? could turn into a huge rice spill.
      Thank you for sharing your idea!!

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  3. LOL – all I can say is ENJOY every minute of the lost sock adventures while the kids are little. Maybe even hide one that you’ll find in your empty nest some day. You’ll smile at the fond memories of those adorable little feet!

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  4. I used to asked my daughters and we ended up that the fault was the sock monster. Its whole purpose is to take just one sock and leave behind the other. Just like the Hair monster that messes your hair at night time and you have to untackle it in the morning. My daughters would wear unpaired socks all the time in elementary school. You can do gnome with the sock left behind. Check out YouTube for videos on using socks to make snowman too!!

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    1. It;s so great to tell these stories to our kids!! Their little faces light up and they have that quizzical look wondering if you are serious or not.
      I’m sure there is a whole lot you can do with unpaired socks. We have multi-colored socks, so our snowman will look super funky!!


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