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A Photo a Week: The Things that Matter Most

Thank you Nancy for hosting this challenge. So fun reminiscing while looking for these photos.

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of me and Chris. It was taken with a regular camera, so I don’t have a digital copy of it. 

We took this photo in Central Park after he proposed in front of my apartment door in NYC. Both of us were graduate students at the time and limited on time and resources, so it didn’t seem too nerdy that he proposed with a power point presentation. At that point in our relationship, he could do no wrong in my eyes. Now, well…let’s just say that relationships evolve/ mature over time and I’ve come to love all the weirdness and idiosyncrasies about him.    

My second favorite picture of my little peeps. Picture day, and Elliot was not too happy with the tie so much. 

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  1. Great choices of pictures!! Children are really a blessing and finding someone to be your forever love is priceless. I have been married 22 years and the ups and downs of life have just made us stronger as a couple.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and personal insight into marriage and children!! After you get married, the rose colored glasses start to change into reality lens. Ack! This is when you need those lenses more than ever. It is work and a commitment that’s worth the challenges.


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