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Why croup again? I’d like a winter without the barky-seal cough.

Elliot is sick with croup again. He used it get it much more frequently when he was younger, which was around the time when Ellis’ heart condition was precarious. Hectic times. I’d leave the house with my shirt on inside out and wonder why people at Starbucks gave a second glance; when the sunblock smear is plain smeared and forgotten to be blended in.

I’ve been told croup affects some kids more than others. But once antibodies are built up in the body, it gets easier to get over them in the future. Croup has similar symptoms like a cold: an ominous sore throat, mild fever, loss of appetite, and crankiness. One difference is that it worsens at night time and you hear an alarming cough; a barking seal with wheezing breathing sounds.

The first three to four nights are tough with constant coughing, crankiness, phlegm provoking a throw up. If elevating the pillow or massaging arms doesn’t work, I wrap him in a thick blanket and have him sit next to an opened window. The cold air opens up the inflamed upper airway. In the past I’ve tried running hot water to breathe in the steam. This upset him more than it helped.

Last night, Elliot woke up throughout the night crying and coughing. The fresh air seemed to help so we slept with the window cracked open. I put an unreasonable layers of blanket over him and I have a sore back from sleeping in a funny position on the floor.

We’re on day 3. Croup is a viral illness (which doesn’t require antibiotics), but our pediatrician decided otherwise after hearing his cough turn phlegmy. Fear is that it could turn into bronchitis.

Sleep deprived mom here; thank Jesus for naps, simple meals, and endless cups of coffee! Not being facetious. He coughs and I’m the lady following behind him with the antibacterial spray. Trying to help him recover and prevent Ellis from catching it. I don’t think I can take anymore Ellis hospital drama anymore. No more of that please!!!

Our fun activity today is canvas painting and playing with air-drying clay. I already guess it will be something Lego, mixing paint colors, and listening to the Ninjago soundtrack (again for the thousandth time).

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  1. Joys of having children. My older two kept getting nasty coughs together making life go in double time. Once I got their tonsils out it seemed to help. Hope for quick healing of the babes and rest for you. You cant afford to get sick too. Praying for you.

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    1. I understand what you mean by saying that time goes double fast. When one or both of them start coughing, I get nervous of how I’m can keep going without getting sick myself. Our pediatrician said the same thing that taking out the tonsils may help.

      Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement! Totally appreciate it. I’ve been taking Airborne tablets and they seem to help.


  2. Hi did the doctor gave him steroids to help with the inflammation? Cool mist is set up at the hospital for our croupy kids, you can try a humidifier since he doesn’t like the steam in the bathroom. Pedialyte popsicles to soothe the throat and keep him hydrated. Hoping he already had the worse days and now to getting better. Prayers for healing soon. Take care.

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    1. All your suggestions are spot on!! He had a really rough night and he was sucking on ice chips and breathing in the cool outside air. He complained of his throat feeling like it’s burning.
      We went back to see the doctor again today and he was prescribed steroids and nebulizer.
      Hoping it’s an easier night. Told it’s bronchitis now. All these terms to keep up with.

      Thank you for sharing your insights and encouragement!!


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