Flower of the Day: March 25, 2019.

These bright flowers remind me of crinkled tissue paper.

My picture here does not show the extent of their graceful blooms. I wish I took the picture from a distance to show how they look like they’re floating against the blue sky. But taking flower pictures with kids is major distraction: my attention is split telling the kids to stop ninja chopping each other and to stay on the sidewalk.

But I did notice that its stems and unbloomed buds had fuzz all along it, as well as lots of leaves. I wonder if those factors give the thin stems its stability.

Something to google…first I need to learn what kind of flower this is. If you know, please share.Β  πŸ™‚

Hope everyone has a great start to a new week!

4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: March 25, 2019.

    • It’s awe-inspiring to see the details in nature; such meticulous care for each flower, living thing, etc. And the creativity of it all. God shows us a glimpse of who He is through nature. And yes, more blooms will appear. I may have to start planting something again, although my black thumb kills most plants.
      Take care and enjoy spring…


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