City Sonnet’s Photo a Day: Ladybugs

Last summer my kids and I studied the life cycle of ladybugs. It was fascinating to witness the metamorphosis process in a small dome designed just for this purpose: grow from larvae to pupae to ladybugs.

Thank you City Sonnet for hosting this fun challenge!

2 thoughts on “City Sonnet’s Photo a Day: Ladybugs

  1. The way you are teaching them Science is the coolest way to learn!!!! Have a great time with this year teachings.


    • Thank you for your encouragement!! It’s a learning process for me too. I was always wary of science in school but now that I have the freedom to study it in real life it’s not bad at all. I just hope that my kids are learning through it all…always the worry of a homeschooling mom.
      I hope you are well and enjoying the warmer weather! Always so good to hear from you. Your smiles are the best.


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