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A new school year already?!

School has already started for many or will start in a matter of days. I can imagine the spectrum of feelings a lot of us are experiencing: first-day jitters, anxiety, excitement, fear, relief, dread, freedom, anticipation, happiness, hope, among others. I have mixed emotions. Since I'm my kid's teacher, I feel an enormous amount of… Continue reading A new school year already?!

photo challenge

Photo-a-Week Challenge: Still life. August 8, 2019

Baked eggshells to use as fertilizer for my now-dead tomato plant. Black thumb despite my best efforts. Vintage milk bottles at Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto. Artifact found in room exhibiting early 20th century kitchen. Garlic bundles at parent's farmhouse. Got one for us and surprised at surprised at how fresh they stayed… Continue reading Photo-a-Week Challenge: Still life. August 8, 2019