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Photo of a determined tree

Can't stop this tree How does this happen?! And how do you fix it? Still an interesting sight, and a great reminder that fences can't bind nature. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall that sends the frozen ground swell under it.""My apple trees will never get acrossand eat the cones under his pines,I… Continue reading Photo of a determined tree

Faith journey · Personal growth

God blessed me even when I was a reluctant giver

On a regular outing for coffee, I ended up getting unexpectedly blessed when I tried to bless someone else. I had thirty minutes to myself before picking up the kids, and I was determined to use it productively: get my coffee, sit down, scroll through Instagram, and spend the last few minutes staring out into… Continue reading God blessed me even when I was a reluctant giver

Photo-a-day challenge

CitySonnet. Goodbye August: August 31, 2019

I'll miss summer afternoons and evenings the most. There's something lovely about the days staying light till late evening: the warmth, the afternoon glow, and spontaneous strolls. This is our first summer since Ellis' birth that we've had many playdates and outings. Sure we're still overly vigilant about germs, but she is When I became… Continue reading CitySonnet. Goodbye August: August 31, 2019