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Back on my blog after vacation…missed my readers and sharing.

It’s been weeks since my last post! In that time, we went and came back from vacation to San Diego and visiting family. I’ve been wanting to post but it’s hard to chisel out a time to sit and write. First weekend back, so we are finally getting back into the groove of our normal life.

Before our trip, our family was in knots. Going through with our vacation plans is always laden with challenges. So many things to consider and discerning if Ellis will be healthy enough to make the trip. We were a bundle of nerves.

This time was no different. Ellis got sick with sudden vomiting and tummy aches starting 2 days before the start of our vacation. Elliot looked sullen. He knew what this meant: postponing our trip. It broke my heart to see him pretend like he didn’t care, yet when she threw up in the car the day before our trip, he cried. Then, Ellis cried saying she didn’t want to be sick; she wanted to go to Legoland. My immediate response is childish, but it’s a reflection of how I feel about the uncertainties: throwing my hands up in the air, shaking my head, and just walking away.

However, we successfully made it to San Diego making stops every 2 hours on our drive. It was a super long drive but at least we made it to our destination. whew…We were all smiles, sighs of relief, and in good spirits.

Reservoir rest stop on the way down to SD

Chris and I were blown away that Ellis did not get sick once on our trip. A-ma-zing! It felt like a real vacation with going on roller coaster rides, getting our feet wet in the beach (Ellis’ first time), eating way too much ice cream, zoo outing, playing carnival games (sadly, I kept losing), checking out tide pools, visiting a lighthouse, etc.

I feel so thankful for God’s mercies and for His goodness. I appreciated this special time to do things that we haven’t been able to do in the past. We also got to squeeze in quality time with my parents and Chris’ family.

It’s hard to articulate in words, but I remember feeling that I will miss these moments afterwards. It was a blend of happiness, nostalgia, and sepia-tone memories. We may come back next time, but we will have grown and not be the same as we were then.

I inadvertently came across a book called Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson, a 20th century philosopher, at a bargain books bin. The dust cover has this old and worn-out look to it, and I knew instantly it was coming home with me. First published year was 1911, and second one 1944.

In the foreword written by Irvin Edman, his words about memory resonated with me in thinking how I felt in San Diego. I’m not completely sure what it means, but it rings a bell. Here it is:

“Memory in action is not a dead deposit; it is a living and functional focusing of energies. It is life at the acme of attention, creation and decision. Memory is life cumulated and brought to bear as alternatives of action, as impellingly realized possibilities of choice. Memory is the living reality, the past felt, those moments of heightened consciousness which we feel as suggested opportunities to make the future.” p. xiii

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  1. Great to hear you had a nice family vacation…whohoo! ❤❤❤❤

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    1. Whew, it was a struggle getting there. But once we did, it was really nice to be away and try new things. Thanks for your sweet comment!
      And yep, we’ll be around to trick or treat! OMG, I’m scared of the candy influx. love candy and chocolate


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