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A short excerpt on faith and the good of not knowing clearly…

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Dallas Willard’s book titled Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship With God. The title caught my interest right away, and reading it has been good but slow. His writing is rich with insights and biblical references requiring more time. But here was an interesting passage that resonated with me. Isn’t it true that when I embarked on new life adventures I only had vague ideas? Thank goodness I did. If I had known the full scope of what was required or had to endure, I would’ve gracefully bowed out before I even started.

I hope his words resonate with you and give you courage!

“Did you really know what was happening when you entered the university or military training, got married or brought a child into the world? In some vague sense you did, perhaps, but you also had very little idea of what it meant in the long run. Had you appreciated all that it meant at the time, you probably would not have had the courage to proceed. Then you would have missed out on much good that has come to you through those events.” p. 113

“In faith also we come very slowly to appreciate what is happening to us.” p. 113

– Dallas Willard

I didn’t know it’d be this scary. But I am safe!

“Often God does not give us what we ask for, but I believe that he will always answer, always respond to us in some way. Some people say that God silence is an answer {when our prayer request is denied}. But I think that if we know how to listen, God will normally tell us something when he does not give us our requests. We will hear it and grow through it if we have learned to recognize and acknowledge his voice.” p. 105

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  1. This is so great. I struggle with this because I am one to look at the big picture. That can be super overwhelming at times. Mostly it motivates me but it can also be anxiety provoking. I am learning to connect the dots and accept that it will all make sense one day! I also think learning to listen to God has helped me cope. Blessings! I like how these two passages interrelate. Blessings!


    1. I’m so glad these passages resonated with you! I think God gives us the courage and strength to go through whatever situation we are in. I’m the kind of person who looks at the trees instead of the forest. This kind of perspective makes you wonder how you’ll ever get through.
      I hope this new year will be a good one for you!! With God beside us, the journey is personal, worthwhile, and rewarding! God bless and thank you for the follow! Excited to have a new reader.

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  2. It is so true;but, with time, you truly get to appreciate those decisions in life and know that God is there all the time. We are the ones that have to listen to Him with our heart and open our eyes when little signs are sent to us from Heaven.


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