Fish or snail eggs? Maybe new additions to our tank.

Kids are freaking out! We’ve had our 10-gallon fish tank for about an year and no fish or snails have laid eggs. Yet the kids have always been hopeful that we will get a larger tank once the fish babies come. The drama of our fish tank go way back starting with tadpoles metamorphosed to African clawed frogs. Long story short: Rocket and Ribbit are buried outside our garage.

Once we saw a super tiny snail stuck on the aquarium glass, but it soon disappeared. Probably got eaten up by the bigger fish (not for sure but I have a hunch it’s the Betta). Since I’m a novice aquarium keeper, I had no expectation of our fish population growing.

I’ve been doing the bare minimum for our aquarium: cleaning every 2 weeks and feeding the fish crew every other night.

However, when I glanced over at the tank tonight, I discovered a cluster of little white balls attached to the leaf of our live plants. I quickly called the kids over to check them out. Omg. There was clapping, happy screaming, and loud talk of how to transfer the babies to safety into the spare tank.

Which will hatch? Fish or snails? It’s a mystery for now. If conditions are right, we’ll have an answer in in 3-5 days (that’s what I found by googling). I hope some will survive or the kids will shed tears again and beg me to get them new pets. Ahhhhhhh, no!

If they all survive, we may need to give some away. This subject was just brought up with Chris, and it was a big ‘No’ from both kids. Here we go on a new live science adventure.

The following are the stages of fish development from egg to fish:

  1. larvae
  2. fry
  3. fingerling
  4. fish