Kids say funny things: Part 5. Ice-cream

After dance class last week, Elliot wanted to celebrate the first dance class of the year with an ice-cream treat. I can’t turn down an ice-cream request, because I love it more than the kids! From McDonald’s, Elliot and I got soft cones while Ellis got an ice-cream sundae (better option for little peeps).

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Well, I finished my cone way before everyone, and just to tease, I turned around from the driver’s seat and said that I was now ready to eat Ellis’ sundae. Of course, I’m kidding. She shakes her head and says, “Oh mommy!”

When we came to a light, Ellis is making scraping sounds with her spoon against the plastic cup. “Here. You can have it. I just wanted to get all the fudge.”

Without a moment to spare, Elliot says, “No, Ellis. Don’t give it to her. She’ll go n.u.t.s.”

Ellis: “What is that?”

Elliot: “That spells nuts. She’ll eat it all and we won’t have any to give to daddy.”

Me: Feeling offended. I know what’s going on in that brain of his. It’s his clever plan to convince his sister to let him have the sundae once we get home. It’s some kind of weird sibling-bonding experience where they team up against me. If it’s only about ice cream, I don’t care. For now, their shenanigans are innocent.