Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: #86 Change Your Perspective

Taking pictures from different perspectives captures interesting images and unexpected views. When I feel unsure of how the picture will come out, I move around and experiment with shots from various angles. I’m surprised at how this trial and error approach leads to my most memorable images.

Thanks Patti for hosting this challenge…https://pilotfishblog.com/2020/02/29/lens-artists-photo-challenge-86-change-your-perspective/

She breaks down how to take photos from 4 separate categories: 1) getting down low, 2) looking down, 3) looking up, and 4) walking around the subject. Please take a look at her site!

Looking up: Carnivorous Pitcher Plant. It eats by luring insects into its tube with sweet smells and the slippery substance make the bugs unable to escape.
Walking around the subject: Side view capturing what a person would view sitting by the window. Historic home of Elizabeth Gamble (granddaughter of the co-founder of Proctor & Gamble) Palo Alto, CA.
Looking up: Late summer view of Redwood trees in Santa Cruz, CA.
Walking around the subject: San Diego, getting the tip top of buildings against the expansive clouds.
Walking around the subject: Tried to capture the surrounding ambiance and simplistic beauty of the lighthouse and assistant’s house on the right, Point Loma, San Diego
Looking down: Kids’ story of dinosaurs curiously investigating a ready-to-hatch egg that fell out of a crashed plane.