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Reflective poems in midst of uncertain times

What is happening to the world?! How has it come to this?!

When I first heard about Coronavirus crisis it seemed like a faraway issue until it affected our own community. Within a matter of days, we were notified that everything, besides essential work, will be shut down till April 7th. All schools, gyms, shops, places of worship will be closed: possibility of that date being postponed too. We are practicing social distance, 6 feet apart, and issued to shelter-in-place (stay home as much as you can).

Hopefully, this extreme strategy will slow the spread of this contagious virus and give hospitals time to process and recover from an influx of patients. But lots of people and businesses are hurting with each passing day.

For our family, this kind of bubble-like existence is familiar and we’re coping with it okay. It’s just weird that everyone else is doing the same thing. If you know our clan, we are paranoid of coughs and germs. Ellis’ underlying heart condition puts her in the high-risk category and we know how sick she can get. This means our immediate family cannot catch something or else she will catch it too. So stressful: these things are out of my control as much as I try to control the environment. So when we hear a cough, we slowly distance ourselves and start running for the hills.

I’ve heard many people say that ‘it will get worse before it gets better.’ I hope that we will soon leave the worst place and transition into the upswing of this situation. The aftermath will be difficult as we grapple with the effects the shut down will have on people’s finances, plans, and life situation.

My sage friend from NYC sent me these two poems and their words and imagery speak vividly about the reality we are currently in. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

“And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently. 

“And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal. 

“And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.” ~Kitty O’Meara


My prayer is that we will become a healthier, more resilient, and compassionate people as a result of this. God, help us weather this sudden storm!

In this time of forced hibernation, if you haven’t done so yet, let’s read God’s words, pray for wisdom, discover his promises, and find ultimate security in God’s presence.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV New International Version
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  1. Those words in both poems stir my soul – there is much to be fearful of. Since I’ve worked from home since 2011 and live alone, people think I am a recluse … I’m not. But, since not being around people except for forays for as few errands as possible, or going on my daily jaunts to the Park to walk, I lead a rather solitary life and have become a bit of a germaphobe. It began when I brought home a bad cold and my late mom got pneumonia … I was always careful not to bring a cold home, but I became over-zealous about it after that. Luckily she recovered from the bout of pneumonia, but it left me shaken to ensure it did not happen again.

    So, like you, practicing hygiene, washing hands a lot is the norm. But for me, it’s being careful for me – for you it is important for little Ellis. I will keep you in my prayers – I have a long prayer list as sadly way too many friends and acquaintenances are suffering with health conditions long before the COVID-19 virus … for all of them, to get this virus is bad too. Please stay safe.

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    1. I felt the same way about those poems. They are so timely with what is happening these days.
      If you work from home, then that will keep you at home for the whole work day. People think a lot of things if they don’t understand it. But I’m glad that you enjoy the outdoors when you can. I hope you do meet up with some friends on occasion.
      I share the same fear as you about being a germaphobe. A frightening experience like you described would lead to paranoia. I’m glad your mom recovered from it.
      I have the same fear. It’s been like this for almost 7 years with my daughter. I fear it and worry sick that I might catch something and pass it on to her. I hope your friends’ health improves and they can enjoy the bounties of spring. Seriously, health issues are awful to undergo and frightening. But God is in the midst of it all! Thank God. have a great Sunday and wishing you a good start to a new week.

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      1. Yes, I am glad to work from home. My mom could not go out in the Winter as she had a lot of orthopedic issues (she was hit by a car at age 11 and spent the next four years in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and had 42 surgeries in her lifetime, 41 orthopedic – one was me, by C-section). But, I then brought that cold home and she could not go outside, as much ice and snow was out there and did not take any cold meds as she was on other meds for pain (strong Motrin) and some other medications and did not want any bad reaction or to become dizzy. She had an artificial hip and had to have it removed as it became loose – so two hip replacements essentially and was scared to death of falling and breaking it as the second one could not be removed as they had to build up the area with bone so not a good thing if she fell and broke it. So luckily she did recover and was finally able to go to the doctor when the ice/snow was gone – so, yes I understand how you worry about it as you have the same concerns about germs and illness and transferring of germs. I started being very diligent then and have stayed like that since.

        Yes, God will take care of us, but it is scary as cases are on the rise. You take care and be well.


      2. OMG, your mom is a trooper and a fighter!! Amazing how accidents can alter someone’s course of life. I was shocked when I read “42” surgeries. Human spirit is so strong!
        Let’s stay healthy, optimistic, and hopeful! This is an uprecedented experience for sure, and scary situation for people with preeisting conditions.

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      3. Yes, we have to stay strong – it is daunting isn’t it? I try to listen less to the news to avoid angst, but it is difficult as I want to keep apprised of everything.


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