5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: April 05, 2020

      • I am thinking that it is Esther … I follow a blogger who lives in the mountains of North Carolina and I just looked around on her blog to find a double rainbow – I remembered reading about it, but maybe she commented she had seen one … looked around a little earlier. Now I was not following Anne back but here you go – I think you had a double rainbow. I am waiting on a bad storm here – severe weather is on the way – hoping it is not the 70 mph winds, large hail or possible tornadoes that they are predicting. Here’s Anne’s rainbow:


    • This is so silly of me, but I thought it was a reflection of the first one. Linda, another blogger, shared with me that it was a double rainbow! The stuff you learn. Have not had a lot of experience with rainbows. Now I know!

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