5 thoughts on “Macro Monday

      • Really? I’ve never seen a rose tree before – it must be gorgeous. And your growing season is so much longer than ours so you have much more time to enjoy these beautiful flowers.


      • A very large plant that grows outside?! I thought about it after reading your comment and I wouldn’t say it’s a tree with leaves and a large trunk. It’s tall about 6′ with a large round head. That’s how the gardeners groom it. And bunch of pink blooms grow on it.
        When they bloom, it’s lovely. I wish they could stay like that all year. Have you read the book “The Secret Garden”? Its description of roses in the mysterious garden is terrific.

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  1. Hi Linda! It probably looks like a peony because it’s a close shot of a full blown rose. This tree is so beautiful when in full bloom, but the gardeners do the pruning and chops it all off. I think it’s for producing more roses, but ti’s very sad to see the tree bare.


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