Snail’s breathing pore, aka pneumostome

When we found our snail house guests out in the rain last month, it became an observation lesson for us. I initially thought snails only had 2 tentacles on top its head. In reality, they have 2 sets of antennae: top for vision (almost double the length of the lower one); lower tentacle for feeling and sensing.

Snails move quickly and constantly explore new nooks and crannies in their habitat. Two of our snails ate through half a blueberry, chomped up the top layer of a cut carrot, and ate through leaves. Another interesting fact: We discovered a round opening on the side that we never noticed with our aquatic snails. It’s only visible when the snail is stretching. I thought it was a poop hole since the poop exits from its side into a long, ropey string.

Temporary house guests: this pic was shown in my previous post about snails

The one you see below is its breathing pore. Its body is small, but all of its parts are intricately designed.

Both were released at the end of the week with disposable chopsticks and are back in their natural habitat.

Breathing pore
Snail yoga
Tried a fancy silhouette picture
Top antenna

Frontal view of all 4 antennae