Mid week blues and pain

Weather is gorgeous today. I wish my mood could reflect this sunny, mild day. I got a mouth sore a few days ago and the stinging pain feels like pins in my mouth. OTC medicine hasn’t helped much either. Wasn’t it like 2 weeks ago I had the undereye twitch?!

My body responds to fatigue like this. I’ve been on overdrive, feeling restless, and trying to keep kids entertained with activities. And no babysitter help to occupy the kids.

A couple of messy activities, gardening and cooking, wiped me out. Peat soil that got too soggy for herb seeds. This is what happens each time we undertake a project: 2 eager kids touching this and that, instructions out the door, and getting things all mixed up.

Before the mess

Soggy soil on the living room floor that I ended up blow drying to make it fluffier.

Attempting Korean rice cake dough with crushed red beans. Disaster. Clean floors afterwards but the dough debris all over the stove and counter.

And today a few flies flew into the house after we watered our seedling peas and onions outside. You would think it’s a wild animal that scampered into the house.

Screaming every time it flew by them. This is so childish of me, but I holed up in their play room and told them where to find the fly swatter. Then ,Elliot ran in and asked me if I could catch it with a clear cup so they could observe it. Ummmm, no.

10 minutes later…all the commotion over flies that can’tbe ignored…mommy pest control service and I’m back to the couch.

I need to remember God is in control and that my day is a gift from him. Then I think, what’s the point? I’ve been grouchy all day. What difference does it make now?

D0It doesn’t seem like what I do matters and that’s my problem.

Thanks for listening to my midday woes. Feeling more heard after writing this. Wishing everyone stays well and finds happiness in the daily details.