7 thoughts on “Flower of the day: April 23, 2020

      • Great information! Thank you for sharing.
        Kids and I had a forest encounter today. Long story, but they got so restless from being home all week. I took them on a drive and I wanted them to be happy so I just googled a scenic drive. Eeeek, miles of narrow roads and redwoods. We get out on a trail…beautiful with sun about to set. And we see a warning about mountain lion sightings. We ran back to the car and screamed! All off our eyes wide with fear and my hands sweating on the steering wheel. Ellis called it the “old town worst.” She never wants to go back. I concur.
        I will do more research next time before these excursions.
        Hope you are having a good weekend!

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      • You’re welcome – maybe you can find some tamer venues to go to and that is a scary story about potential mountain lion sightings. I’d have been scared and hands sweating on the steering wheel also. In fact, I used to listen to “Sixty Minutes” all the time but it got so political I stopped. I don’t have TV, but on my all-news radio station, it is on every Sunday night. One time they had a special on mountain lions in California creeping into the suburbs. I listened to the show, then found it on the “Sixty Minutes” site to watch afterward. Be careful! We were supposed to get a lot of rain and the rain did not come as expected, so I got an unexpected walk in this morning. Yay!


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