7 thoughts on “FOTD: April 25, 2020

  1. Very pretty rose Esther – a neighbor had one like that one time and he said it was called a “Candy Cane Cocktail” rose. It looked just like this one.


      • Yes, very nice colors – all it needs is a peppermint scent. When I first started walking, I had different neighborhoods I visited before discovering Council Point Park (7 years ago today) … one house had tall evergreens and mint planted in their yard so that every time it was humid in the morning, it reminded me of Christmas – evergreen Christmas trees and candy canes!


      • That would be lovely to smell and unexpected on a humid morning! I hope people know that their gardens lift up people’s spirits. There’s a house nearby with tall, gigantic sunflowers and it brings a smile to our faces.

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      • I like sunflowers and last year I decided to go to a sunflower festival. First, I am the worst at directions and I don’t like driving on the expressway, especially if it is somewhere I’ve not been before. When I worked on site, it was in downtown Detroit and I took the bus for years, so I never drove except on the weekends mostly as the bus stop was just about a block away. Anyway, I wanted to go and paid online to go to the Sunflower Festival and also a Pumpkin/Harvest Festival – same location, a big farm about 20 miles away. I got lost – I found a Metropark in the process, but I got lost badly. I wanted to go because they were going to plant lavender for a Lavender Festival. All the lavender farms are not close to me. I had high hopes. They had high hopes too – the lavender blooms in July here – likely they will not be having any festivals by then – if they do, it would surprise me. All the festivals are getting cancelled now. I grew a few sunflowers one year – they were called “Russian Mammoth” and were very tall and when almost ripe, the flower was top heavy and broke the stalk. I went in the backyard to see squirrels feasting on it.


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