Another gardening attempt: herbs and vegetables

April has been an unusual month of spending an inordinate amount of time at home.

So this month, for a lack of fun things to do, we are growing our own herbs. Maybe a pinch of homegrown herbs will spice up our dishes. This time around I’m taking really good care of them with daily watering (just the right amount) and placing them by the window for daily fresh air and sunshine. They’ve had a few tumbles as I move them on and off the windowsill. Still, they are standing up to my clumsiness and thriving. My goal is to transplant them to bigger pots in the next few weeks. Organic soil and fertilizer have arrived from Target and we’re going to do more container gardening.

I bought an herbs kit from a family-operated farm called Spade to Fork, and it came with everything you need to start your herbs garden. It also came with detailed instructions of how to plant, transplant, to prune and harvest. I dislike reading instructions or following them, but this instruction pamphlet (glossy too) is essential for a black thumb person like me. My kids are surprised that I haven’t thrown it away yet. It says to call if you have questions and having that reassurance makes me feel more confident as a gardener. Sometimes just knowing that someone can help makes all the difference.

We’re also growing peas and regrowing leek bottoms in containers. For these vegetables, I’m going by my previous years’ experience and making modifications to keep them alive.

Herb seed kit. So convenient and good for black thumbs like me.
Green pea seeds that opened up on a wet paper towel over 3 days
Onion heads and dried egg shells
Parsley seedlings. The seed at the top of the stem is a new thing I’ve seen.
Pea shoots in strawberry clam container with its own drainage holes. Great way to recycle.