14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: May 19, 2020

    • Ellis loves her brother hand-me-downs and gets excited when he grows out of his old shirts! The soccer shirt was one of his favorites.
      Elliot has this thing about picking small flowers for me and Ellis. When he was 2, everyday he would pick a daisy on our walks to Starbucks. I shared a picture of that somewhere on my blog (just can’t remember now).

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      • Thank you so much! I was surprised that Ellis liked her brother’s hand-me-downs. He had a very special dinosaur shirt and even though he grew out of it, he wouldn’t let her wear it. But we were going on vacation and Ellis started feeling sick from anxiety. Something similar happened on our previous vacation and she ended up in the hospital. He helped us pack after she fell asleep so she’d think we weren’t going. This is when he packed his special dinosaur shirt for her. He was in a really good mood!! When she found it in her bad, she was thrilled. They’re funny like that together.

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      • That is a sweet story – I never had kids and had no brothers and sisters as you know and never babysat, so I’ve never been around kids at all.


      • Growing up as an only child does limit interaction with other kids. I know that from experience, but I babysat a lot of my younger cousins and taught Bible Study at church for years. But something new I’m learning is that siblings have a love and hate relationship. When they fight, they go all out. But they are a tight team too. When I get upset with one of them, the other one gets mad at me. huh! Always making me the bad guy. that’s ok. 🙂

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      • That is interesting – I never even knew my cousins so no big get-togethers where I would have gotten to be around other family members and see the arguments or team play. Nor have I been in a position to teach kids. I can see that – they fight amongst themselves, but there is family loyalty.


      • You’re right, siblings have loyalty. They also have unique relationship dynamics. It’s unfamiliar to me but I’m learning a lot by watching them.
        I wish you could’ve had some of that family fun. But it’s not all fun either. I was really close to my cousins, but now that we’re older, we contact less as we have our own families.

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      • Yes, I have never been around kids family or otherwise and now with no family at all, it is quite a unique situation I find myself in. Most people have at least one relative.


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