10 thoughts on “FOTD: May 23, 2020

    • Love your word to describe this flower: “exquisite.” I was blown away by its color and growth. It was growing tall, full, and lush. Its interconnected branches made the flowers grow over a large area. Maybe you will see these flowers where you live once the stormy weather passes.

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      • I do think they are exquisite looking – the contrast in color … at first I thought they were cardinal flowers from a cardinal vine. I saw a hummingbird today and just buzzing around outside the door – have never seen one before! It made my day!


      • How in the world do you know all these flower names?! As I’m finding new flowers, it’s challenging me to learn their formal names.
        Hummingbirds are beautiful birds! Do you know they lay the smallest eggs? I learned that through my kid’s science video. They flap their wings 70 times per second. Amazing!

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