My herb garden hates me

My kids and I started a small herb garden two months ago with seeds. They were thriving in starter pots and they seemed ready for the transplant into a trio of cute herb pots with drainage holes.

This is a fragile move for small seedlings, but my kids were so eager to help that I let them do it. After they gladly made a mess and kind-of-planted the roots on the surface, I buried the roots deeper.  

Maybe the transplanting went awry! Perhaps the seedlings weren’t ready? I’ve been taking all the proper steps like placing them near a sunny spot with good airflow, watering every other day, and using pots with drain holes.

The thin green leaves and stems withered. I gently stirred the soil to see if something was wrong with the soil, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I wanted to make pesto with our basil harvest. Not looking promising as of now.

Just like these herbs, change is hard for people too. Sometimes it seems like we’re thriving, but new life changes, even for the better, can bring it all down.