5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: June 10, 2020

    • Home for the horses! The cherry picking farm was located to the side of this barn. I wonder why most barns are red.
      Ruth’s barn sounds interesting! Does she run a garlic business? Or is it for personal consumption? I love garlic and its smell when you stir fry or bake. Raw…too potent for my stomach.

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      • I am really behind her Esther – I apologize, as I did a 6 1/2-mile walk yesterday and a long one today, and took a ton of pictures, but last night I was in bed by 9:15 p.m. It wore me out.

        Okay, that makes sense – I wonder why all barns are red too? There is a petting farm at Heritage Park and the barns are all red. They had a ramshackle barn and it needed paint and was patched up with a white fence around the area – it was a great spot to take photos. They have razed it and are building another structure, also to look like a red barn to store equipment in for the park maintenance crew. Two years ago, Ruth and her husband got the barn and she sells the garlic, not a business per se, but I think she has an outlet at local farmer’s markets or specialty shops, like produce markets, and the rest is for personal consumption. She showed in a post how they bundled up the garlic and put it in the barn to dry. They grow a lot of their own fruits/veggies and preserve them. I have no talent in that regard … no cooking/baking talent either, so I think the homemaking gene passed me up. 🙂


      • No worries…I am behind on replying too!
        It’s impressive that you walked 6 1/2 miles. Really good exercise! I’ve been riding the stationary bike for my squeaky knees. But I can’t do that many miles. I’m typing now with a medicated patch on my knee. lol.
        Maybe barns are just supposed to be red. Could it be that’s how you tell a barn is a barn by its red color?
        Ruth’s garlic supply sounds like my parent’s farm. They don’t have a barn for it, but they also grow it. They bundle it up like a bouquet…except it’s very stinky.
        I admire people who can grow their own food and sew clothes. Some have a natural propensity for it and it could be learned too!

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      • Don’t wear your knees out Esther – I’ve know three people who had knee replacements and two lament over the progress to get back to normal. One had both knees replaced at the same time – not a good idea I wouldn’t think. I have an exercise bike too and use it sometimes in the Winter when I can’t walk to keep exercising for my legs to keep them strong. I wish I could put it upstairs but no room for it upstairs right now. Ruth does bundle it up and had a blog post about the garlic harvesting/drying, etc. process. She also sews her own clothes and bakes bread, puts up preserves. Wow – I’m not talented as a baker or cook and one time made my own clothes as I was tall and could never find clothes to fit, but I’d starve if I had to grow my own food and “put it up”. 🙂


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