Herbs don’t hate me anymore. Showing growth after minor changes.

About a week ago, I published a blog post about my herbs hating me. They were doing so well in their starter pots that it was time to transplant them to regular pots.

Once in their new pots, they began to wither and look very weak. Stems dried out and they were barely rooted in the dirt.

What it looked like after transplanting. Not in good shape.

My last attempt, before replacing the pot with artificial succulents, was add more seeds. I didn’t have the patience to start with a starter pot and peet soil, so I asked Elliot if he wanted to do it.

Hmmmm…he’s a willing helper and I know he means well, but in the process he over-tipped the whole seed packet into the soil for both basil and parsley. We decided to leave it that way and wished for the best. This was going to be a hit or miss experiment, so we kept our expectations low.

With the overabundance of seeds, we wondered if the next morning the herbs would be lushly growing and cascading down the wall. (none of these happened)

It’s been about 5 days and the new seeds have done wonders. Maybe I needed to add more seeds in the transplanting process. oyyyy. I usually wing this kind of stuff and figure I’ll learn what to do next time. So far, I’ve learned to water them sparingly (the soil gets too soggy), raise the pots on one side to let water drain, and place by windowsill for sunshine and air.

A few days after accidentally dumping a whole bunch of seeds. Could that have been the problem? Not enough seeds?

My gardening journey continues each year and it’s a slow one. It’ll be a gardening success when we can actually taste some of these herbs or add to our cooking. 🙂