Six word Saturday: “Wash your hands, ya’ filthy animal”

Staying at home for almost three months means that I’ve been wondering how to jazz up our living space.

Living room stuff is too much commitment, so I settled on bathroom space. I was initially looking for a nice flower or maybe a picture of a fancy tub or something.

The search led to bathroom humor decor and thinking about them still gives me the biggest laughs. If you browse the options, you will be impressed with the creativity of these one liners. Here’s a funny one: “Please stay seated for the entire performance.” lol

The wall sign I ended up getting is the title of this post. The runner up was “nice bum” in lowercase, black font on a plain white background. But it was all sold out; I didn’t want to sign up for the wait list. Next time.

Anyways, this sign is hanging in our bathroom and it makes you smile at its silliness. The message to wash hands is also very important.

Thanks Debbie for hosting this challenge and have a great weekend!