Lens Artist Photo Challenge #03 – Surprise

Chubby critters found along the California Native Trail in SF Botanical Garden: Dressed up for Halloween

I found this picture on our way out of the garden. Those little “Halloween caterpillars” (that’s our coined name) transform into these stunning butterflies. Its beginning is not reflective of its end stage. Everything takes time and patience to transform into something beautiful.
This looks like a muddy pathway to the lotus pond. Beware however! It’s actually a swamp that I almost entered. Thank goodness for Chris pulling me back, mumbling to himself that if he weren’t there I would’ve walked right into it.
“Why, mommy, why?!” An afternoon drive to beat the boredom led to a windy, narrow road. This rugged trail. When we saw a sign for mountain lion sightings, we bolted out of there. They mention this as the worst drive ever. I wholeheartedly agree.

Thanks Leya for hosting this fun challenge!