City Sonnet: Goodbye July, 2020

July was a mellow month with hours upon hours staying at home and trying to enjoy each other’s company. It’s been a mixture of squabbles, boredom, decluttering, spontaneous fun, too much video games/Lego, and growing.
This particular day he continued complaining that sister gets more of my attention on a regular basis and is “too connected” with me. A piggyback ride like old times greatly improved his mood.
This selfie is a reminder of our favorite pastime when I would carry/ hold him in the Ergo baby carrier. My back was not happy however.

Thank you Citysonnet for hosting this challenge! Have a great start to August 2020. Stay safe and well.

Flower of the day: July 29, 2020. Flowers after the fire

On the way to the library (to return an overdue book), I saw an open land by residential homes with a part of it charred. Its surroundings trees had burned up entirely. But about 100-150 feet away, on yellowish dried grass, tufts of these white flowers were growing on dry grass.

I couldn’t resist driving by it again. It would also be a good inquiry to investigate with the kids: What kind of flowers are these?; Did someone purposely plant these here?; Are they seeds dispersed from the wind?; How are these flowers blooming on this dry land?

It reminded me of an exhibit I saw at the Natural History Museum in San Diego; out of a forest fire emerges poppies. Maybe this is a similar phenomenon.

We would’ve gotten out of the car to explore, but it wasn’t meant to be. On this road was a parked car with smoke swirling out of its window. A quick whiff – it was not cigarettes.

Pictures will have to suffice. Here’s a link to an informative site:

Here are the pics:

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge! Have a great Thursday.

Flower of the Day: July 27, 2020.

I finally dusted off the cobweb from Chris’ DSLR camera and opened up its pocket-size manual. It’s not my thing to read instructions, but there’s too many dials and numbers that make no sense to me. That was yesterday and I already accidentally pushed it into a bowl of noodles. ugh…blame it on not wearing my glasses.

My goodness, all this stuff about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. I’ll have to divvy it up into sections; my first subject is aperture. The manual explained that if I set the aperture, the camera will automatically determine the shutter speed and vice versa.

Ok, so I start learning and experimenting with different aperture. You could say I went a bit overboard: I took over 600 pictures of flowers, kid-made dinosaur land, and kids experimenting with light.

So here’s one of my flower pictures from those 600 pictures.

This entry is for Cee’s FOTD challenge. Thanks for hosting and have a great start to a new week.