Bridges crossed on nature walks

2020 Montalvo Arts Center on a sunny afternoon. The same place where my favorite bird house tree was found last year. That picture used to be my header image.

“We shall not cease from exploring,
And the end of our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” ~ T. S. Eliot

Bird Condo

20 thoughts on “Bridges crossed on nature walks

    • The river walk was very nice and they enjoyed running through the Redwood trails. The bridge picture was a walk on a separate occasion and they hated every minute of it; too hot and my son’s eczema flared up.
      I could walk in places like that all the time. So peaceful and pretty. I hope you have beautiful walks too.


      • We only have a lake close by. It’s peaceful and many people fishing there. The trail has bikers, walkers, πŸ• dog walking, and horse 🐴 riding.


      • That’s true. We’re not going to the lake as often. We used to go when my husband ran around the lake and I walked. He found a park to run on grass, easier for his feet.


    • It was serene! Oh, I like your description of “mirroring!” That was the word I wanted to use but couldn’t think of. Thanks! Yes, these little peeps had a great time although the drive over there was “so boring” as they said. lol
      Wouldn’t it be nice to live in close proximity to that kind of nature?!

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      • You are so sweet to say that! When a mama hears compliments of their kids, they go happy crazy. I’m that right now. Thanks.
        I think they mirror more than usual since they spend so much time together. It’s been tough for us coping with Ellis’ medical condition and all of us needing to work together to keep her healthy. The first 3 years we lived in a bubble and had to learn to get along. lol
        Hope you are having a good mid week and your new kitty is growing healthy!

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      • You’re utmost welcome, Esther! That’s good that they spend a lot of time together. It’s also good to see how far Ellis has come. May God continue to bless your family.

        It was definitely a good week, thank you. I hope you had a good one too. He is! I finally posted his photos on the main blog. Here’s to a blessed weekend! πŸ’™


      • Have a restful and wonderful weekend too! I will check out the kitty photos.
        God is certainly good in pulling us through those tough times. I was like a crazy person running on fumes and surviving a day at a time. Ellis has come a long way and her goal is to gain weight. She hasn’t gained a pound in one year even with all the extra food and etc. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! So appreciate them.

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      • I did manage to have a good weekend and I trust that you did, too.

        I’m happy to hear that she is doing much better now. Hopefully, she’ll start gaining weight in the right time. I’ll keep her in prayer where this is concerned. You’re welcome. πŸ’™

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      • Thank you, my weekend was good. Nothing too much, and I can’t remember exactly what we did. But it was a lot of time spent at home and playing with the kids or pretending to nap to have some alone time. πŸ˜‰
        Thank you for your prayers! Ellis has a goal of gaining weight and she says she should eat ice cream for breakfast.
        Hope you have a good midweek too! Stay healthy and safe. πŸ™‚

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      • You’re welcome! The days are flying by pretty fast that we tend to forget how the weekend was. Ooh, haha! Sneaky, you! πŸ˜‚

        You’re welcome, and she doesn’t need to worry. Once she’s eating and resting, she’ll gain the weight in the right time.

        Thank you, my friend, and same to you! ❀


  1. Time is passing too fast. It’ll be August in 2 days, which is surprising. It’s been a good summer for us and I’m learning that I don’t have to stay busy all the time to feel productive.
    She’s working on the weight gain. It’s been troublesome since birth and almost after every heart clinic visits, I would come home in tears. Even though I tried my best, her weight was in the 2 percentile and told this meant “failure to thrive.” To me that meant I failed. It’s a learning process, a hard one.


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