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“Warrior” (baby tetra) update: disappeared, probably into Platy’s fish tummy

We worked so hard to revive Warrior in its quarantine bowl. (The link tells the story of Warrior and his emergency situation). The fact that he overcame the trauma of being squished was a miracle in itself.

The next morning he swam energetically and ate a bit of new food, and it seemed like he was ready for the transfer into the main tank. The moment he swam out of its halved water bottle home, it had no problem schooling with the other Neon Tetras. The day passed without any incident and the 2 baby tetras were hanging out with the bigger ones.

On the third day, Warrior disappeared: nowhere to be found, not even stuck in the filter.

We suspect it’s the orange Platy named Sunny. She has a tendency to nip at other fish tails, eats like a maniac during feeding time, and often swims right through the middle of the schooling tetras.

It was disappointing to lose Warrior so quickly. They put her in fish jail, a separate container next to the tank. Chris explained to them that Sunny wouldn’t understand this as punishment and it would go right back to its old behavior once it returns to the main tank. But this would be an experiment then to see if the other baby tetra disappears; then, we’ll know there’s another tank-mate-eater.

Right after Sunny’s transfer into fish jail. Odd behavior: motionless, even when offered food.

You wouldn’t believe Sunny’s immediate reaction to being put in the bowl. She stayed motionless at the bottom next to the plastic pink tree. Even her favorite pellets did not animate her; they just floated down untouched.

It was unbelievable to observe this dramatic behavior change.

When we peered in the bowl, she turned away and faced the bottom of the tree accessory.

We didn’t want her to die from stress, so she went into the main tank. Even there, she acted the same way. She hid in the corner, normally where the catfish hang out, and would not swim. Once we turned off the lights, she swam away from the corner for a bit and darted back when we looked into the tank.

Elliot was all nerves thinking that Sunny may feast on the remaining baby tetra. So I had to tape up the netted container onto the side of the tank as a protective holding place.

Baby tetra holding spot until it gets bigger. It gets a lot of attention from its tank mates; catfish clean the bottom of the holder and other fish love to enjoy on the baby food leftovers that disperses in the water.

The tank is peaceful once again and none has disappeared. Kids are appeased and still dreaming of getting a larger tank. ummmmm, no. These little bloops stress me out and flares up my bad knee pain. It’s only a 10 gallon tank, but it needs cleaning, care, fish relationship mediation, cleaning up after kids overfeed and drip water everywhere, and clean the tub from old poopy fish water. ughhhhh, no thanks.

Readers, thank you for reading this far…I realize this topic may not be entertaining as it’s about fish that you have not spent time with. But I appreciate you following my story about these little fishies and hope you learned something new about fish keeping from our experience.

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. I'm an avid nature photographer and a daydreaming thinker. My posts revolve around photos of nature's beauty, homeschooling adventures with my 2 kids, sporadic reflections on my child's heart condition, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and other mish mash things. Hopefully you'll leave encouraged, pensive, or smiling at the simple things of life. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear this after all the work to save Warrior. I’m glad things are once again peaceful. Sunny’s behaviour is quite fascinating though?? Wow.


    1. We couldn’t believe it either! It was a dramatic save that was short lived. Now I know that a dash of salt helps sick fish; I’m sure it would’ve been more effective if the medicine liquid was added. I’ll have to add that to my Amazon cart.
      Sunny’s behavior was interesting; immediate downcast behavior that continued even when moved back to the tank. I had no idea fish were like that. I should research fish behavior for some insights on that.


  2. Tropical fish in an aquarium are supposed to be stress relievers … my first dentist, now long retired, had one in his waiting room, which people were mesmerized with and forgot about their impeding dental visit. Can’t blame you for not wanting the hassle of cleaning the fish tank and all the fun and expense that goes with it. There is always this: or this: and you’ll say school is starting soon so we’ll talk about it next Summer. How’s that?


    1. The links you suggested are amazing! The skyfactory product is cool…benefits of a relaxing view without the hassle of cleaning and feeding. Did you know that it is live cam footage of scenes from different aquariums in the US. #1,4,5 are from the CA academy of science where Claude the albino alligator lives. Cool! Thank you for sharing these interesting links!!
      We homeschool, so school is everyday. I try to incorporate learning and emotional awareness, into our activities…I don’t call it school but we investigate, explore, and do some actual lessons to hit the standards for their grades. It’s a confusing mix of this and that.

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      1. I knew you homeschooled but didn’t know it was all year around, but it is good you do the little nature trips as kids will get much more out of that, and remember more, than merely reading it in a book … look at the shows they watch on TV – you have fostered a real interest for them to enjoy it on their own.

        I looked at the links but did not look at everything and did not realize that was where Claude the albino alligator was. I also like the cameras that you can watch of various animals. Do you ever go there? I used to be a National Wildlife Federation member and they advertised the “Ranger Rick” magazine for kids – it is about wildlife and they may like that too.


      2. Our homeschool schedule is all over the place! We do book studies in math and reading, but other topics we learn by exploring, researching by ourselves, and doing projects. It’s interest based and guided to hit grade based standards. My mind goes bonkers.
        But they love nature and science, so we always go that route to dig deeper into other topics.
        This summer, we are taking a break from doing lessons and learning how to fill our time with what we have or is around us.
        But my kids are accustomed to living in a bubble from Ellis’ early years; it hasn’t been that difficult. If they didn’t, I can imagine how frustrated kids would get. I feel for other parents.
        I heard of “Ranger Rick” magazines. I’ll see if my kids are interested. Those museums and aquariums have live feeds in different tanks and enclosures. Yep, we watch penguins at the academy.

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      3. I like watching those live feeds – they had eaglets at on one of the cameras and watched them getting bigger and was online one time and bopped over to the hummingbird cams and they showed the eggs (the size of a Tic Tac candy) and next thing I knew, there were hummingbird babies. They have three web cams for the hummers alone. Nature is easy to be interested in as opposed to math or chemistry.


      4. The feeds you saw sound amazing. Those are special moments that is hard, almost impossible to capture, spontaneously.
        Nature has components of math and chemistry that you can learn. Pretty cool stuff!


      5. The snails’ shells in those pictures are interesting! It’s amazing that something so small can have this intricate anatomy. I just followed his blog. Thanks for sharing his link with me.
        Is that when you followed me? I’m so glad we became blogging friends!! hugs…

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      6. I think the snails was one of the first posts Esther. Andy does a lot of shore birds … he is retired, used to work with special needs kids. I am glad we became blogging friends too – hugs sent back to you – 3,000 miles away. 🙂


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