Flower of the day: July 29, 2020. Flowers after the fire

On the way to the library (to return an overdue book), I saw an open land by residential homes with a part of it charred. Its surroundings trees had burned up entirely. But about 100-150 feet away, on yellowish dried grass, tufts of these white flowers were growing on dry grass.

I couldn’t resist driving by it again. It would also be a good inquiry to investigate with the kids: What kind of flowers are these?; Did someone purposely plant these here?; Are they seeds dispersed from the wind?; How are these flowers blooming on this dry land?

It reminded me of an exhibit I saw at the Natural History Museum in San Diego; out of a forest fire emerges poppies. Maybe this is a similar phenomenon.

We would’ve gotten out of the car to explore, but it wasn’t meant to be. On this road was a parked car with smoke swirling out of its window. A quick whiff – it was not cigarettes.

Pictures will have to suffice. Here’s a link to an informative site: https://tetonplants.org/2018/08/10/what-blooms-in-wildfire-burns/

Here are the pics:

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge! Have a great Thursday.

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