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Flower of the Day: August 3, 2020. Purple fluffs

Purple pom poms

Interesting fact about the color purple: Some people have a phobia of the color purple – called phobia of the color purple is called – Porphyrophobia

Thanks Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge! It’s August already…hope you have a great start to this month.

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  1. I have never heard that word “Porphyrophobia” before and so many flowers are purple and lovely … clematises comes to mind for me but I see lilac and lavender are mentioned above.


    1. So many phobias that seems bizarre, but it’s a real thing for some people. I once heard that there is a phobia of the sound from chewing food or bathing.
      Purple is lovely for flowers…so many shades of it.

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      1. I have seen long lists of phobias – they are amazing. I have arachnophobia or fear of arachnids/spiders. I’ve known that word for decades, but I just Googled “fear of centipedes” – yep, there is such a word and it is “scolopendrphobia” – I detest those bugs with their legs that move so fast. I like purple – I would love to see and smell a lavender field one day.


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