Photo challenge. Reflections: years later

2005 or 2006 Engagement photo. Been a long time: all the years blend together!
Sibling photo_December 2006

When sorting through pictures last week, I found two pictures with interesting similarities between Chris and I, and the kids.

How in the world are both pictures in similar poses with a Christmas background?! They’re like mini versions of us. I’m sure when they get older, they’ll scream when they see this photo. “Ick,” they’ll say. It’s was the photographer’s idea…I think they have standard poses for siblings in that age range.

I will cherish these photos for a long time. I took pictures of pictures on my cell phone, rushing, in case we had to evacuate from the wildfires. Pictures are memories of times past, good and bad, and the thought of losing them made me nervous. Since the fire warning lifted, I can now scan the pictures slowly and do so without the cellphone shadow.

(These pictures I took from the original photos, so you’ll see the shadow on the latter half of the picture.)

The many memories I will forever treasure. 

K. Hooton

Thanks City Sonnet for hosting the photo a day challenge every month!