24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: September 8, 2020

    • Thank you for your prayers Linda! It’s been a gloomy week as the sky is just orange and brown. The smell of smoke is not as bad as when the fires were nearby, but the dust around the windows are shocking. It feels weird that it’s like rainy weather but it’s a cloud of smoke. I opened the garage to get the mail and it was like I wearing orange lens glasses. Closer to the fire in Mendocino, the air must be brighter orange. Scary stuff.
      What an eccentric and challenging year! Too many first experiences in too short a time. No time to process…because we’re already dealing with a new big thing. Whew…God help us all!! You stay well too. The weather you experience has been volatile as well. hugs…
      And sorry for my late replies to your other comments. My main computer has kaplunk’d and sharing a back-up computer with the kids, with a touch screen that I accidentally cracked, has been frustrating. And the replacement computer that Chris wants is sold out. I must be careful with the next one. I’ve been on a technology mishap rampage this summer: 1 tablet and 2 computers. eeek!


    • Oh my…over there too, huh? What a year. I can’t wait for the healing period to begin in people’s lives and in nature. So much disruptions to our everyday lives.
      I hope your daughter’s family is well and their place is not affected. This air quality is bad for adults, but I can’t imagine how their little lungs feel.

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      • Power outages are awful; glad to hear power is on.
        My son gets stuffed up too. I wish we could go outside for some fresh air, but the air indoors is safer. Can’t take a deep breath of air outdoors for a bit longer. Hope your flowers are doing ok.


      • They’re getting sold out over here. It’s for indoor use. But the smell of smoke is instant the moment we open the window. It gives me a headache and stuffy noses for the kids.
        Things selling out this year: toilet paper, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, air purifier…

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      • I think so…the air quality is horrible over here. I finally ventured out for a tiny walk with the kids since the air quality improved. Still smells likes smoke and burns the nose. Unfortunately, this will last a while.
        I hope your daughter’s family is safe.

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      • My husband finally went running yesterday and workout in the backyard where he set up the home gym. I’ll go for a walk today.

        Oregon is still in terrible shape with hazardous air quality. My daughter and we had a video chat yesterday and my granddaughter kissed me on the phone. It was so cute. I missed them so much.

        The arsonist in southern Oregon was arrested and sent to a mental hospital. I must check on it to see if he’d be jailed.


  1. Heartbreaking. I’m so sad about all the fires and all the loss. When I see the pieces of ash falling I can’t help but imagine that they are pieces of someone’s baby photos or wedding dress or love letters. It’s just so sad. When we walk outside it smells like a campfire. Headed out of town tomorrow to get a break. My husband has been waking up with nosebleeds all week. Stay safe!


    • The air quality is awful here too. We just got an air purifier, but it is staying in the red mode about half of the time. Sorry to hear about your husband’s nosebleeds; all this pollution is taking a toll on the lungs.
      Jen, your perspective of the ashes is poignant and beautiful. I never thought of it that way, but it’s true that memories and personal valuables are parts of those ashes. Heartbreaking for those losses and prayers for rebuilding even better memories. You guys stay safe soon!!

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