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Flower bud of the day: October 22, 2020

Pulling wilted leaves off flowers, I accidentally snapped this tender bud off its stem. I shouldn’t have tried to straighten its thin body with my hand.

So it became my subject for an impromptu photo shoot. I admire the aesthetics of Instagrammers who use props to create a feeling and/or place. That effortless look must take time and consideration, but they may it look easy.

I tried imitating that perspective and used a small unused piece of Elliot’s embroidery project to give it that natural aura. The bud was a ham and natural in front of the camera. lol. corny…I couldn’t help myself. hehe

Thanks Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge!

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    1. Thanks Miriam for letting me know! Another blogger friend pointed this out to me too. I wonder if it’s WordPress and not my blog in particular. Some of other blogger’s images did not show up either. I hope this is just a fleeting issue.
      I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.
      Have a great start to the weekend!

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      1. I think it’s a WordPress issue. I’ve been reading about it from other bloggers.
        Yes, we had a good weekend albeit windy. I hope you had a good weekend too and the winds are not affecting power supply there! Read in the news about wind advisory until tomorrow evening.
        We got the same warning here too. This is a year of many unwanted “firsts.” God help us all!


  1. It looks like a Dahlia bud – my neighbor used to have a gorgeous garden and she was in her 90s. This was a while ago. I had to go to your blog site to see the image as it did not show up in the Reader post.


    1. Hi Linda, it’s a strange thing going on. I heard from another blogger friend that my image was not showing up. I couldn’t see some images for other bloggers yesterday. so maybe it’s WordPress? If it’s my issue, omg, I will have to contact the Happiness Engineers.
      I think it is a Dahlia bud. I can imagine how beautiful your neighbor’s Dahlia garden must’ve been. It’s a skill to keep flowers alive!
      Hope you are having a good start to the weekend. It’s been a wild week with my insomnia at its peak; I’m hoping to catch up on sleep and life. lol. Hugs…Linda

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      1. WordPress is wonky lately Esther … a few months ago, I had written a post about the Pekin Ducks eating M&M cookies and I wanted to show a blogger an earlier post … got the post and it was missing 3 or 4 pictures. It was late and I tucked th ename of the post somwhere, but forgot about it. A few weeks later, I wanted to send an earlier blog post link … again, several photos missing. They said my photos were not attached and that was why. They suggested I do something with my blog and I was reluctant to do so in case I messed something up – apparently you can pay for a session where a Happiness Engineer does screen time with you – I said to leave the ticket open and I’d see if it happens again. Hugs back – hope you get a little more sleep this weekend. I’ve been getting to bed earlier, but tonight am a little later as I got here late.


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