16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: November 8, 2020

    • It is one of my favorite seasons, but then comes spring, and I’m in love with that season and summer. I like winter least. I get cold too easily and skin hurts when they crack from the wind. I used to get them right on my second knuckle in new york winters.

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      • I’m with you on that – don’t like to drive in ice and snow as I took the bus to my last two years at Wayne State University, then worked downtown for several decades after that … so I just walked seven houses to the corner and a half-City block to the bus stop, so never dealt with driving in the snow. I had lots of problems with cracking skin too from the cold, even through gloves and mittens.


      • No thanks to driving in the snow! It seems much too hard and you need to get special tire protectors. If you can avoid it, I think it’s better.
        My hands don’t crack like they used to anymore. You can imagine how surprised I was when it first happened. Never knew skin could do that and I’d rub Vaseline on it at night. Then, the next day it happens again. I remember how my ears used to hurt from the wind. It was weather shock for me!

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      • I am a “Winter Weenie” for sure as I avoid driving in snow like the plague. Perhaps if I was interested in Winter sports, but I am not – Winter walks and only if no ice or snow that I could wipe out on. My hands got dry from the cold even with gloves on, but also I found out I was allergic to toner, more specifically to the formaldehyde in toner. So I used to wear gloves in the office to handle xerox copies, fax copies – anything that had warm toner ink – or xerox things and not touch them til they cooled off. I would get bad cracks in my fingers from touching the hot paper.


      • Your term “Winter Weenie” is too funny! Thank you for a good chuckle.
        I had no idea that there was a toner allergy. There’s so many different kinds of allergies that you don’t think possible. My friend’s son has an allergy to red dye. Elliot is allergic to tree nuts…found out at Costco after he had a sample and had a reaction. What a trip that was!

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      • Glad you liked it Esther. I have used that expression for years about myself, though I didn’t coin it. I describes me to a T. Yes, the toner has lots of chemical and when it heats up on the paper when you xerox or fax, that was when I learned of the problem. I tried everything to keep my hands moist to no avail.


      • I will remember that – thank you Esther and I have some that I bought to grease the exercise cycle. Bought it last year, but I walked a lot over last Winter so never did much on the bike. I use Cetaphil for my face and the grocery store had their own brand of Cetaphil – I’ve used it before and they added something new to it. Two days of using it, red patches on my hands and face. I am really tall … my mother would use that expression “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” 🙂


      • Generic brands are awesome! When you compare ingredients, it’s the same as the brand name one. I got a generic Pepto Bismol and it works just the same. Target had their in-store brand called Up and Up…the price difference is noticeable.
        Cetaphil is mild from what I know…use it on Elliot’s eczema and it doesn’t irritate as the prescription one we got. Yea, some different thing must’ve been added it. Another good one recommended by pediatrician was CeraVe and Vaniclear.
        I hope you find something that works well for your skin! Winter makes skin so dry and scaly.

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      • I have taken down these names … I don’t know why companies change the formula in their soaps. For decades I used Purpose wash … it was in a pump bottle and my contact lens practitioner said to use it as it had no deodorant, perfume, harsh chemicals that would damage my contact lenses – I always wore the hard lenses. So I stopped wearing contacts when I started working from home (not so vain) but still used Purpose to wash my hands as the skin is sensitive. All of a sudden, my hands turned beet red and scaly. I Googled reviews about a possible “new formula” for Purpose – Bingo! That is what happened. So now, the same with store brand Cetaphil. The red patches at my eyes and on my hands are gone now – if that is all I have to worry about that’s fine, but still – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as the saying goes.


      • I hope you find a good alternative and the ones I suggested fit your skin type. That’s strange these product makers would suddenly change an ingredient without making mention of it on the bottle. How annoying for the consumer! It must’ve been alarming to have that kind of effect on your skin. I was going to suggest Thatcher’s Witch Hazel Toner in Cucumber for cooling purposes. But may not agree with your allergy.
        I always liked that saying! So true and applicable.


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