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Flower of the Day: November 24, 2020

Thanks Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge!

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. I'm an avid nature photographer and a daydreaming thinker. My posts revolve around photos of nature's beauty, homeschooling adventures with my 2 kids, sporadic reflections on my child's heart condition, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and other mish mash things. Hopefully you'll leave encouraged, pensive, or smiling at the simple things of life. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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      1. I thought maybe they were – my pictures are not always current anymore. When I first started blogging, I took pictures, did a post the same day. Those days are gone and I took less pics back then. I am perpetually behind and feel badly for that. I am going cut down my posts after the new year until the Spring. I have enough photos for a while and will aim for snow photos once it arrives (it is arriving Monday … measurable snow – ugh). But I feel like I am scrambling all the time trying to keep up (not just here, everything else).

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      2. Linda, I was doing the same thing like you. I used to take the picture that day and post. But life gets busy and I have too many flower pictures. Blogging is a learning lesson in progress as you adjust it to your time and life season.
        I love how we can share with photo of what’s going on in our lives.
        Snow pictures will be really pretty! That’ll be a treat for us people who don’t get snow. I hope it’s a mild winter…2020 has been too hard and to add a tough winter would be stretching everyone’s limit.
        I feel bad too for falling behind…you’re not alone. I am behind on everything and sometimes I just have to let some things go. I can’t do it all…even though I think I can. lol
        Take it easy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! hugs…

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      3. I blogged from 2013 to 2017 with only a few subscription followers and only two who commented on each blog post. I responded to them and that was it. Then a WP blogger found my blog and followed and somehow I had people following and commenting … at that point, I still did a 5K event and took lots of pics and wrote a picture-laden post the same day; same with other walks. I think last year I said … this is crazy! I only posted same day for the 5K events and this year I said “no more” … it’s just impossible. I can’t keep up with anything either … my house is a mess and I am so disorganized, something that I never was before blogging took over. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too Esther – hugs back and I sure hope your power is not turned off due to the Santa Ana winds.

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      4. I like the story of how you started and the beginning stages of your blog! Your blog is doing well now and am glad you persevered.
        It’s hard to blog immediately after an event and becomes stressful. I used to stress out about not publishing lengthy posts, but it seems my kids want something or make a big mess, like spills or need to find a tiny piece of Lego in their pile of toys, when I want to write.
        Blogging evolves with our lives and we do what works for us! Happy you found your groove.
        Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. It was mellow and uneventful, which is always good news for us. Winds are not so bad here but very cold at night. Restrictions are getting tighter as hospitalization rates are climbing. It’s online shopping, virtual events, and outdoor events (in very large places).

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      5. Last night I wanted to write a post for today, but walked a lot, did the remaining leaves for the year for yard waste pickup last day today and I ended up announcing I made my goal in a short post. I did tell myself the first of December, just two posts a week. But I also write a few for Christmas so I know for sure come January it will be 2X a week, a post and a Wordless Wednesday. I just can’t look at the disorganization in the house any longer … it does not make me happy seeing it and I do have to push away from the computer and sitting way too long. I’ve amassed a ton of photos and little stories in my head, so they will carry me thru to Spring, plus making regular trips to the Park in the Winter time as well. I did ensure I got done with my walking goal in the event we would have some kind of lockdown as stats climb in the next month. I think maybe they would restrict people gathering, but I don’t really see them restricting going to a park like they did for the month of May – that was different as people were at the picnic tables and not social distancing. We have cold weather and it’s snowing out there now. But the stats are scary – does Chris work from home or does he need to go out for his job Esther? All of you stay safe … I worry for what happens after this Thanksgiving holiday.

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