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Silent Sunday: November 29, 2020

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. I'm an avid nature photographer and a daydreaming thinker. My posts revolve around photos of nature's beauty, homeschooling adventures with my 2 kids, sporadic reflections on my child's heart condition, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and other mish mash things. Hopefully you'll leave encouraged, pensive, or smiling at the simple things of life. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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    1. Thank you!! By the way, I was a passenger taking the pictures. We were much higher up on the mountain but I didn’t want to distract the driver.
      Amazed that there were houses up there and people camping out at the park. I will not be fooled by Google anymore. It said scenic drive. lol. Live and learn.

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      1. Oh i thought you were walking – maybe because I saw the other post with the leaves –
        and yes – life and learn indeed – but scenic enough eh?


    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful place but too high up in the hills. And so cold. We didn’t even get out of the car to look around because the sun was going to set and we didn’t want to drive down the hill in the dark.

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      1. We were so freaked out by the drive that I just wanted to go back. If we did have more time, it would’ve been nice to enjoy the breeze. I consoled myself that it wasn’t as scary as I thought since people live up there and people were camping out. And farther up from where we were is the observatory, where people drive up to visit at night. Not for me!

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