12 thoughts on “Flower of the day: November 30, 2020

    • We’re doing good! No worries…I have fallen behind too. I’m trying to catch up. Must get very strong coffee and a quiet spot to read in peace. As I’m typing this, Ellis is breathing on my shoulder and giggling that I’m writing about her. lol

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  1. Sadly, our colorful leaves are bagged up or have gone here, there and everywhere. My red Japanese Lace-Leaf Weeping Maple still has its leaves and will until the new leaves arrive in the Spring. It’s the oddest thing.


    • Nature is full of surprises and oddities like the lace-leaf tree you described. Interesting! Our leaves are still hanging on although they’re dropping at a fast rate. If we get one good rainy day, that’ll be it this autumn.
      I checked the weather but no rain in the forecast. hmppppp, this is CA. for ya’…hope no drought this year.
      Have a good start to the weekend and stay well!


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