Light-hearted poem for mid January: Shel Silverstein

Mid January already. Before the days, weeks, and months roll by, there’s a running list of things I want to accomplish. But a realistic assessment of my time, resources, and energy are limited. So I want to approach this year with small things. Those small steps may not lead to dramatic results, but I want to cultivate contentment for what I do in a day; not focus on what I could have done or should have done.

The following poem by Shel Silverstein takes a fun perspective of doing something silly because it’s fun to do. I need more of this. Hope the poem makes you smile or encourage some silliness in your life!

Book tote from Barnes and Noble. Kids didn’t get why I was laughing so much…it’s an 80s thing.

Flower of the day: January 26, 2121. Flower shrubs

Bright pink tassles on leaves

Spotted these flower bushes on a sunny and cold afternoon. We’re anticipating rain this week with freezing temps. Flowers are still blooming but wondering how the storm will affect them. Spring, come soon!

Thank you readers for visting and have a great day! Thanks again to Cee for hosting this flower challenge.